Testnet & CRM Guide

CRM is built for BO clients to quickly check balances, deposit/withdraw (BTC, USDt and FLy), manage API keys, update security settings (2FA included) and view trade and order history.
Getting Started with Testnet

The following steps must be done in order to trade on Testnet:

  1. Register on the CRM and create new API key
  2. Implement Order Entry using the Order_Entry_API
  3. Request funds for testing from BO
  4. Connect to the Admin Server and obtain the OES (Order Entry Server) IP Address and Port and the Market Data Address and Port for the type of market data identified as required
  5. Make a connection to the OES and the identified MDS (Market Data Server) and begin submitting orders and receiving market data updates.

Note: In addition, if the user wishes to receive market data, the correct Market

Data API Document must be implemented:

  1. Full_Order_Book_Market_Data_api.pdf
  2. Full_Level_Book_Market_Data_api.pdf
  3. Level_Book_Market_Data_api.pdf

Upon login, the user will be provided with the IP address and Port based on the information in the database for the market data subscription the user indicated would be needed for this user login and account. If allowed by BO more than one user market data login ID can be created to allow logging into all three Market Data Servers at the same time.

Create a new account
  1. Click Register >
  2. Input all required fields: Country, First name, Last name, Email, Password
  3. Click Register button

Note: Password should satisfy the following criteria:

  • at least one uppercase character
  • at least one lowercase character
  • at least one special character
  • at least one number
  • at least 8 characters

You will see next steps to check your email

  • In your inbox, you can find the verification link
  • Click the verification link and be redirected to the confirmation page
  • Click Sign In and go to the login page

Note: For the first time, 2FA Token is disabled. So you can login using password only.

Reset password
  • Go to the login page
  • Click Forgot your password?
  • Input the email and click Reset Password

Note: The email address should be registered to a BO account

  • You will find the reset link in your inbox
  • Click the link and to be redirected to reset password page
  • Input a new password and click Submit
  • New password will be required to login
Set Two-Factor Authentication
  • To withdraw, you need to first enable 2FA
  • In the left side menu, click SECURITY
  • Click Set up in Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Using your favorite 2FA authenticator (such as Google Authenticator) app on your device, please scan the QR code
  • Input 6 digit token from your authenticator app

2FA feature is successfully set up

You can disable it anytime

Deposit & Withdraw
  • To deposit/withdraw (BTC, USDt, FLy) go to WALLET
  • Click Deposit on the coin type you want to deposit
You can get the wallet address for deposit.
Click Withdraw on any coin
  • Select the coin type, Recipient’s wallet address, amount and priority
  • Click Submit. After confirming it, click Submit
  • Input 6 digits token from your authenticator app
Manage API Key
  • Go to API
  • Click Create New API Key
  • Input API Key name, IP whitelist and set desired API permissions
  • Click Create API Key
  • If you need to change permissions, click Edit Permissions
View Trading History
  • Go to HISTORY
  • You can see Trades, Orders, Deposit and Withdrawal history